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English description on the project The Tower of Babel Amsterdam Oud-Zuid - March 2005
is a project on communication in public space.

In the evenings of March 16th , 18th en 19th 2005 an interactive multimedia-presentation is realized after dawn on the facades of a square in the Diamant-area, the South of Amsterdam.
This presentation was running during the Babelfestival (a theater festival organized by the Ostadetheater) and is in the hands of the TorenVanBabelTEAM: Katelijne Arts, Tineke Goemans, Franka van de Goor, Leidi Haaijer and Bert Vogels.

The material used in the presentation (slides, digital images, sound, sms-messages etc.) is produced by the inhabitants and visitors of the surrounding city-area. Throught different media people were approached with the question:
What moves you really ?
People were invited to present their answers in different media. The answers formed the 'stones' with which the lightTower was build.

The construction of the lightTower started from the moment the first material arrived. By putting up an 'Editing-table' as preparation, people were invited to deliver material physically.
Beside that material could be send virtually, i.e. through e-mail mail@torenvanbabel.info   or by  sms / mms
The TorenVanBabelTEAM collected this material and reworked it in the presentation by using
different computertechniques like a specially programmed tool ( the Babeleditor ) and prepared webapplications.

Extended information on the project, like dates etc. could be found at this site, at this stage this particular information is taken out, because is is outdated.
As this information was aiming at local public the site is put in Dutch. But please feel free to click the tabs to get an impression of the whole project.

This project could not be realized without the cooperation between different organizations;
first of all the ones surrounding the square at the Tolstraat: the Centre for Youngsters Cinetol,
the librairy Cinétol, the Theosofical Society and beside that the Ostadetheater, several schools
and other social cultural organizations.

Financial support is done by the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten and the city-department
Amsterdam Oud-Zuid.

The Tower of Babel embodies the direct connection inbetween spacial and social contexts.

For more information please contact:
Leidi Haaijer          #31 (0) 73 6217377    #31 (0) 6 18359643   
Franka vd Goor    #31 (0) 73 6215022   

Projectomschrijving Locatie De redactietafel Babel-editor Publiciteit rondom het project Contact